Tout finira bien

Direction and choreography: Christine Cloux and Jorge Picó

Tout finira bien is a dance show with a solid dramaturgical structure that explores the issue of female maturity within the strictly codified world of professional dance. Co-directed by Christine Cloux and Jorge Picó, this show was selected as part of the Graners de Creació project by the Carme Teatre, where it also premiered as part of the Dansa València festival program in 2020.

Both artists have achieved long and successful artistic careers and enjoy professional recognition in their respective disciplines with an impressive back catalogue of large productions, exhibitions, collaborations and awards, behind them. For this project they also have the support of the MA Scène Nationale-Pays de Montbeliard (France), who hosted the final technical residence of the production in its theatre.


Tout finira bien

Tout finira bien


In order to continue celebrating her profession as a mature female dancer, Christine Cloux has invited the director Jorge Picó to collaborate with her on this project. Bringing his vision and the addition of poignant dialogue to her work, they hope to create a bridge between the audience and the internal corporeal language that lies at the heart of her Dance. Tout finira bien is a touching portrait of the dancer as a mature woman as she retraces the steps of her extensive artistic career. The piece will capture the pleasure of being on stage after so many years of experience and celebrate the timeless joy, that lies at the heart of expressive movement, whatever our age.

Artistic sheet

Direction and choreography: Christine Cloux and Jorge Picó

Cast: Christine Cloux and Jorge Picó

Text: Jorge Picó

Dancer during the creative process: Wilma Puentes

Original Music: Oscar Roig, Vivaldi, Bach

Lighting design: Mingo Albir

Graphic design: Juliane Petri

Costume designer: Pascual Peris

Photography: José Jordán

Delegate production: María José Mora

Production: Ring de Teatro

Collaborate in the production:

Carmen Teatro, Graneros de Creación, Danza Valencia, Ayuntamiento de Aldaia, EBCD Eva Bertomeu, MA Scène Nationale-Pays de Montbeliard

Thanks to:

Yannick Marzin, Sonia Rodriguez, Olga Álvarez, Leonardo Santos, Jose Belda and Xochitl de León

Duration of the show 45’

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Tout finira bien

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Tout finira bien